Contact Us, Stand Up!

We'd like to hear from you URI Alumni! Please consider writing a 600 word or less story about how Lyme disease or other tick-borne disease has impacted you or your family. Our goal is to feature 1 or 2 stories every month from people willing to share their story. We'd ask that you include in your story how tick-borne disease has impacted your family, friends, and personality. How large have your medical costs been? Did you lose work time? Has it changed your life profoundly or was your illness something you recovered from quickly? Also, did you see the tick bite? How long before it went undiagnosed? If your diagnosis was confirmed, did your blood test result come back as negative or positive? Finally, how are you doing now?

In order to reveal the range of impacts we know tick-borne diseases cause, we may contact you to write a longer story.

Don't have a story to tell? Not URI Alumni? We'd still like to hear from you with any questions you may have or if you're willing to support this cause! If you're not a URI Alumni, this is a brand new initiative and we're still exploring how to best involve people not affiliated with the university.