Stand Up Against Lyme

The University of Rhode Island Alumni Association invites YOU to join other alums in a new Affinity Chapter -- Stand Up Against Lyme. We welcome you if you :

  1. Ever had Lyme disease, babesiosis, or anaplasmosis.
  2. Have family members that were infected.
  3. Have been bitten by deer ticks and have been fortunate so far to not have gotten these diseases.
  4. Want to join a group of socially-concerned URI alums looking to take back enjoyment of their outdoor activities from ticks and the risk of disease.


How many URI alums have had Lyme disease? Can we join together to help get some relief? Will our collective voices, when bundled with those of thousands of other victims prompt political action finally leading to solutions to the tick problem? We hope you'll accept this invitation -- to STAND UP and be COUNTED -- as one who has been impacted by ticks and the diseases they carry.

At social events, you can join with other URI alumni & alumnae interested in learning more about the tick problem and solutions, networking with others that may have similar concerns, and staying on the cutting edge of knowledge about ticks, Lyme disease, and a growing list of associated tick-transmitted infections. Maybe you'll even want to host an event - at least, help spread the word!